BELL's super slimline ARIAL LED Round Panels provide an elegant and flexible LED solution to downlighting and twin fluorescent fittings.

  • Up to 1760 Lumens
  • Remote micro driver
  • Complete range covering sizes from 146mm to 300mm
  • Dimmable options available
  • Emergency options available
  • Surface mounted versions available
  • Flicker-Free Phillips driver
  • 50000 hours life
  • 3 year guarantee

Our range of round led panels are available in 6 sizes from 146mm - 300mm diameter, and with a super slimline 12mm depth, they are suitable for a huge range of applications. We also offer the complete range with a 3 hour maintained emergency function, as well as 0-10V and DALI dimmable options, available in both standard and emergency versions. In addition to this we also offer the 240mm and 300mm standard panels as a surface mounted option, making our ARIAL Round Panels one of the most flexible panel solutions available.

ARIAL Round LED Panels Standard

Code Description Files
ARIAL Round LED Panel Emergency
09735 15W Arial Round Panel - 200mm, 4000K, Emergency
09736 18W Arial Round Panel - 240mm, 4000K, Emergency
09737 24W Arial Round Panel - 300mm, 4000K, Emergency
09738 12W Arial Round Panel - 170mm, 4000K, Emergency
09734 9W Arial Round Panel, 146mm, 4000K, Emergency
ARIAL Round LED Panel Standard
09729 12W Arial Round Panel - 170mm, 4000K
09730 9W Arial Round Panel - 146mm, 4000K
09731 15W Arial Round Panel - 200mm, 4000K
09732 18W Arial Round Panel - 240mm, 4000K
09733 24W Arial Round Panel - 300mm, 4000K
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